glo-Academy is the Global Auto Systems Education Services unit that provides Package based / paced learning and training for all individuals at affordable rates and convenient times

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Our Tracks

Our course content is grouped into individual tracks that suit each student with utmost specificity

Data Science & Analysis

Companies need to use data to run and grow their everyday business. The fundamental goal of data science is to help companies make quicker and better decisions by extracting important insights from the already existing data. The data science track will equip you with the knowledge for such a vital and highly sought skill

Track Modules
  • 1. Introduction To Data Science
  • 2. Programing Overview
  • 3. Data Wrangling
  • 4. Data Visualisation
  • 5.Statistical inference
  • 6.SQL with python
  • 7.Machine Learning
  • 8.Artifical Inteligence
  • 9. Web Scrapping
  • 10. Model Evalutation & Optimisation
  • 11. ETL Pipelines


Are you looking for a career upgrade? Is your business looking to improve its productivity with IT professionals? Does the ever changing IT based world seem to leave you behind? This program is perfect for you. Each track is designed to compliment each other and will jump-start a technical mindset.

Track Modules
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Microsoft Word
  • 3. Microsoft PowerPoint
  • 4. Microsoft Excel
  • 5.Microsoft Access
  • 6. Microsoft Publisher
  • 7. Internet & Security
  • 8. C-Programing (Optional)

These days, everything is mobile. From shopping to hospitals to travel to social media. This course will teach you how to create powerful applications that will captivate your target markets in this mobile driven generation.

Track Modules
  • 1. Android Studio Installation and Config
  • 2. Introduction to Android
  • 3. Creating and running a Hello World App
  • 4. Components of an Android Application
  • 5. Android UI Design and HCI
  • 6. Intents and Broadcast Receivers
  • 7. Using Internet Resources
  • 8. Data Persistence

Internship and Professional Training

The glo-Academy Internship Program offers eliigible students the opportunity to acquire direct and practical bussiness experience every year from June to August. We also offer a two months professional training course to fresh graduates to prepare them for after school work. Unlike our other programs, these two have a limited number of slots available

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glo-Academy Success Stories

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GAS welcomed me with open arms. It is the perfect place to kickstart your career.

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I have gained more computing experience ever since i came to Global Auto Systems

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I have attained skills on various things like making calendars and business cards

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Since i came to global, i got more experience in teaching other people what i learned